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Arizona's Leading Tile and Grout Cleaning Company.

We specialize in various tile, grout and natural stone related care services for both home and commercial projects. Our primary goal is restoration. We are locally owned Phoenix, AZ and operated by trained professionals with extensive experience in the field. Reach out today and have us diagnose your floor and get it back to looking like new!

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Arizona's Leading Tile and Grout Specialists

We specialize in various tilegrout, and natural stone-related care services for both home and commercial projects. Our primary goal is restoration. We are locally owned in Phoenix, AZ and operated by trained professionals with extensive experience in the field. Reach out today and have us diagnose your floor and get it back to looking like new!

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Rated 5.0 Stars Across All Platforms
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Our Services

We offer a wide range of tile, grout and natural stone-related services with the goal of reviving and restoring your floor as close to its original look as possible. Don’t lose hope and rip out your current floor, there’s always a solution!

tile and grout cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

A deep cleaning is essential for healthy, appealing grout and tile! We work with ceramic, porcelain, and natural stones. To achieve the ultimate level of clean we use our specialized cleaning solutions and tools.

grout coloring

Grout Coloring
(Color Sealing, Staining)

We are able to change or match the original color of your grout by applying an epoxy-based color sealer directly to your grout. Perfect for old, dull or stained grout!

grout repair

Tile & Grout Repairs

Fill in any cracks or holes that may appear in your tile or grout lines. Perfect for ceramic or natural stone and any type of grout. Get rid of those nasty blemishes!

shower cleaning and caulking

Shower Restoration, Cleaning & Caulking

We provide professional shower deep cleanings and re-caulking. To achieve the ultimate level of clean we use our specialized cleaning solutions and tools.

travertine polishing

Travertine Polishing
(Natural Stone Polishing)

Natural stone polishing is a sensitive process and requires professional attention. When working with natural stone, we follow a strict multistep procedure to ensure your tile is safe, protected, and left undamaged. 

granite cleaning and buffing

Granite Cleaning and Buffing

Granite is an extremely durable material but at some point does require basic maintenance. Allow us clean, seal and buff your granite to restore its original shine!

countertop polishing

Countertop Polishing

We provide professional shower deep cleaning, sealing and re-caulking. To achieve the ultimate level of clean we use our specialized cleaning solutions and tools.

outdoor stone

Outdoor Stone Cleaning

Outdoor stone cleaning is similar to indoor stone cleaning but not the same. The deviations come from the methods, chemicals, and goals looking to be achieved. In most cases, there is more labor involved.

granite shower

We've Got Your Tile & Grout Needs Covered!

We offer almost any tile and grout related service. Give us a call today so we can assess your floor’s situation and figure out the best course of action.

Restoration Is Our Primary Goal

We aren’t your typical tile cleaning company, our primary goal is restoration. We focus on bringing your floor as close to its original state as we possibly can. We have a wide selection of tools and procedures at our disposal in order to accomplish this goal. With our extensive experience in the field, we’ve found that 99% of the time there is always a solution to your tile and grout issues. Let us take a look at your tile and grout before you decide that there’s nothing you can do! 

color seal grout

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Phoenix, AZ Based & Operated

We are a locally owned and operated small business, serving the Phoenix Metropolitan area and surrounding cities. Providing Arizona with a professional and comprehensive tile and grout care service that is unmatched. We aim to provide our customers with the utmost detailed and thorough work we possibly can. 

Reach out today and let us diagnose your floor’s needs.

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Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal

Here at AZ Tile Grout, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the utmost extensive and thorough work we possibly can. Our techs are professionally trained with heavy experience in the field. They don’t leave our training program until we are absolutely sure they can provide the quality of work we expect. We will always do our best to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work. If you are less than satisfied please do not hesitate to tell one of our techs, we will do our best to rectify the situation.

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Service Details

In-depth descriptions of our services

When Should You Consider Professional Cleaning?
Is your grout and tile discolored or stained? Do you keep cleaning it but it seems like nothing is working and it may even be getting worse? It might be time to seek professional intervention. Traditional mopping and most modern tile cleaning alternatives serve only to maintain floors in between professional cleanings. The reason being is that most floor cleaning methods only move dirt from one area to another, most of the time from off of the tile onto the grout. Over time this dirt build up causes permanent staining, but it can be prevented. We recommend having your floor professionally cleaned and sealed every year to two years depending on the foot traffic your floor sees.
How We Clean Tile and Grout.
Every floor is different and cleaning procedures can vary. Depending on what type of tile you have, whether it be man-made or natural stone, can affect the cleaning process and the chemicals used. We work with acid, neutral and alkaline cleaners. In some situations, grout scrubbing may be necessary due to grout being a porous material. For pitted tiles, whether natural stone or man-made, a floor machine with a brush pad may be necessary to clean inside of each pit.

What is Color Seal?

Color sealing or grout coloring is a restorative procedure where we alter the grouts physical color and appearance. We do this by applying a latex-like sealer that creates a physical barrier on top of your grout. We have a wide selection of colors to choose from. Typically we recommend picking a color to match your tile so the tile and grout blend and everything is one uniform color. 

Example Picture

When To Color Seal?

Color sealing is typically our last restorative measure when it comes to cleaning up your grout. We recommend color sealing (grout coloring) when there is heavy staining occuring throughout the grout of the floor and cleaning won’t suffice. Also color sealing can be a cost effective solution apposed to re-grouting if you are just trying to alter the color of your existing grout.

Grout Repair Options:

Is your grout cracked, crumbling, brittle or stained? Then you may benefit from grout repair. 

-Cracked Grout

In most cases we are able to add grout material to the existing crack and fill it in. Typically this is all that is necessary but in some cases further cracking may persist and a re-grout might be beneficial.

-Crumbling or Brittle Grout

In some cases only specific areas may be affected and all that is necessary is a minor repair, that being either adding material or re-grouting the effected area. On the other hand, if there is crumbling or brittle grout consistently throughout the entire floor it may be necessary to re-grout all areas.

-Stained Grout

When grout becomes stained we have a few options. Sometimes an Acid Cleaning will be enough to restore the grout to its original state, but it comes down to 2 factors. How deep into the grout is the staining and for how long has the grout been stained. For heavier staining, Grout Coloring is the most cost effective solution. Our last resort would be to re-grout either a specific, isolated area or the entire floor.

What Is Shower Restoration?

Our Shower Restoration package includes all of the services listed below. It is a complete overhaul of your showers existing tile and grout in order to restore it to as close to new as we possibly can. We typically recommend having your showers caulking re-done along with your shower cleaning. Caulking over the years tends to crack and cause leaks behind the shower causing damage to grout and allows mold to develop from underneath.

Shower Services We Provide

  • Shower Alkaline or Acid Deep Cleaning
  • Calcium, Soap Scum & Dead Skin Removal
  • Caulking & Caulking Removal
  • Grouting and Grout Repairs
  • Grout and Tile Sealing
  • Mold Treatment

When Should You Polish? 

The three main types of stone we are able to polish are travertine, marble and limestone. Travertine is the most common stone we see in Arizona homes. Polishing is necessary when you are looking to alter the finish or “shininess” of your floor. Polishing can also be useful when one section of floor’s finish is beginning to wear and become dull compared to other areas. Typically we recommend completing the floor all together to ensure their is a consistent finish throughout. 

What Finish Should You Go With?

Our options our Matte Finish, Medium Gloss Finish and High Gloss Finish. We offer three different options of finishes and they’re based on degrees of how shiny you would like your floor. If longevity is a big concern we highly recommend going with either of our first two options, Matte Finish or Medium Gloss Finish. The reason being is that the shinier the floors finish the more visible and apparent scratches and other blemishes become. The lower the shine the more durable the floor. If you just want that mirror finish then you are best off going with our High Gloss Finish.

Medium Gloss Finish Is Our Recommended Choice.

For 99% of our customers we recommend going with our Medium Gloss Finish. Why? Because it offers the best value. Its both shiny enough to be eye-catching and durable enough to last. Sometimes people want their floors to be mirror finish and we’re willing to that. We just always warn of the up keep necessary with that type of a finish. 

How We Clean Granite.

Granite is a very durable stone and tends to last a very long time but after a while it begins to dull. We clean the granite with our granite cleaning solution and remove calcium deposits at the same time. After the surface is clean, we apply a granite specific sealer to protect the stone from any staining or chemical damage. Finally we finish off with buffing the surface of the stone to make it shine like new!

Outdoor Services

We are able to service both man-made and natural stone out door patios, counters and more. Depending on the situation at hand, processes may vary from job to job. Please give us a call if you have any more questions.

  • Tile and Grout Cleaning (Man-Made & Natural Stone)
  • Grout Coloring
  • Grout Repairs
  • Polishing
  • Sealing

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Arizona Tile Grout is not responsible for cracked grout or missing grout due to improper installation. Cleaning with high pressure can remove grout, color sealers and damage some satin-finished natural stones in rare instances. We do our absolute best to prevent this from ever happening.

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